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Mark Podolsky - Issue #250


Mark Podolsky

December 19 · Issue #250 · View online
Mark Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek), successful land investor, land investing coach and creator of the popular Land Geek Podcast and Best Passive Income Model Podcast argues he has the best model for investing in real estate. Discover why Land Investing is "The Ultimate Subscription Model" (no physical inventory, a one-time sale, recurring revenue, a built-in incentive for the buyer to continue paying, and low competition). Learn about strategies, skills and helpful tips that will help you grow your Passive Income through Land Investing. Learn more at

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Success Notes...
Check out this email that we received from Evan Bollier & Chloe Bawmann back in November. A year ago they challenged themselves to be successful enough to be featured on the podcast… Goal Achieved Evan & Chloe! Well done!
Just think, this time next year, 12k in passive and Chloe gets to throw fish guts on the wall at work…. but we’ll settle for knocking down the cubicles.
This Week on The Art of Passive Income...
Just a year after starting their land investing journey, our guests have completed over 30 deals and have $2,500 a month in passive income coming in, working just 5-10 hours a week on the business… they were able to pay for Flight School with their first two deals.
Land Geek students, Evan Bollier and Chloe Bawmann, join us on today’s show to talk about what their journey has been like so far and what their future plans look like.
In the summer of 2017, Evan had just finished his MBA and felt he needed a little more direction in his life. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to go on to a PhD to start teaching full-time until he picked up the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
That book inspired him to take a deep dive into real estate and down the rabbit hole of podcasts where he came upon one featuring Mark… and it all made sense to him. Now, he just had to convince Chloe.
So, Evan took Chloe on a cruise where he got down on one knee and proposed to her…will you be my business and lifetime passive income partner and make beautiful 300% to 1000% returns with me?
Chloe said yes, and while a little skeptical at first, she attended the next Bootcamp with Evan in Orlando. It was there, sitting next to someone who was selling properties while Bootcamp was in session, that she knew that if anybody else could do it, so could they.
Timeline of Succession
  • Bought the Toolkit in September 2018
  • Went to Bootcamp in October 2018
  • Signed up for Flight School in November 2018
  • Bought their first property in December 2018
  • Paid off Flight School during the last week after selling two properties
Listen in to find out the details behind:
  • Their first deal
  • Their favorite deal
  • What they would have done differently
  • Their favorite and least favorite parts of the business
  • Their preference between cash and terms
Chloe also talks about how it was Mimi’s podcast, The Little Tortoise With Big Grit, that had inspired her and moved her to tears. Her advice to those who are skeptical or don’t know which course of action to choose…
I would say not to overthink it. If you can only afford the Toolkit, then at least get the Toolkit. And if you can afford Flight School then you should definitely do Flight School. But, I mean stop complaining I guess, just do it and stop overthinking. Evan is the biggest over thinker I know and if he can do it and stop overthinking then I think anybody can do it.
Failure is not an option—Evan & Chloe both have the mindset that the only way they are going to fail is only if they stop and they have no intentions of stopping. They have seen that this model really does work if you are committed to making it work.
Their success is summed up to:
  • They have a why—they’re trying to solve a problem
  • They have direction—they know what they want and what they have to do to get there
  • Mental fortitude—They know the only way to fail is if they stop
  • Perseverance—The aptitude and commitment to keep going even through the roadblocks
I felt like I was a little directionless, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Now I know exactly what I want to do and I couldn’t be happier doing it. I love this Land Geek community and I love working with Chloe. And, oh yeah, we have fun. -Evan
They jumped in with both feet, took action, and continuously plowed through one roadblock at a time, clearing their path to passive income.
And, even though both still work their full-time jobs, Evan & Chloe talk about how life has changed for them, giving them hope and a sense of direction. They can see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and know it’s just a matter of time before they reach it.
In This Week's Round Table...
With Black Friday behind us, the burning question is, what were your open rates?
Tune into this week’s Round Table discussion as Team Land Geek reveals the details of their campaigns, including open rates, click throughs, sales, and techniques!
Joining Mark this week are:
  • Erik Peterson
  • Mimi Schmidt
  • Mike Zaino
  • Scott Bossman
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Scott Todd
With percentages all over the board, Mimi came out the clear winner at a 40% open rate…which raised some eyebrows among the group. Find out the technique she implemented in advance to get such a high percentage…a method Mike dubbed, The Nancy Drew technique and took notes for next years campaign.
Sales were great for Tate, he may not have got 40% open rate, but he did sell all of the properties he had listed for just under 65,000 worth of enterprise! Not too bad for a day’s work!
Don’t be upset, don’t be discouraged, you’ve got to consistently show up. If you ran a Black Friday or Cyber Monday campaign and you didn’t have the results you wanted, learn from them. Look at what you could do differently, make changes. There is no secret formula or recipe to marketing, you’ve got to try everything multiple times and learn from it every single week. -Tate
The team also talks over:
  • Standing out in a noisy Black Friday marketplace when everyone’s email is inundated with deals
  • Nurturing your list
Then, Scott Todd shares his two-step process that will ensure your emails aren’t getting sent straight to the spam folder. It was a process that left everyone with their mouths open and taking notes!
Do this two-part email process, you know it’s going to be delivered and then you’re going to really spike up your open rates and start approaching Mimi numbers.So if you’re listening to this, please implement that even if you have a small list. It’s just a good habit to get into and I think it makes it even more intentional with your list as well because at the end of the day that is your best asset. Spending that little extra time increasing your deliver-ability and increasing your open rates can make a huge difference to the bottom line. -Mark
You’re not going to want to miss this very informative episode that will not only help your future Black Friday campaigns but all your email campaigns and managing your buyer’s list throughout the year!
Also, find out why it was discussed that the title of this episode should be called, HATE.
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If not, no worries, we’ve got you covered!
Listen in to the replay as Mike Zaino, Scott Bossman, and Matt Forbes talk land, answer questions, and sing the holiday classics…Land Geek style, in this fun holiday edition of Nite Cap!
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