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Mark Podolsky - Issue #204


Mark Podolsky

January 31 · Issue #204 · View online
Mark Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek), successful land investor, land investing coach and creator of the popular Land Geek Podcast and Best Passive Income Model Podcast argues he has the best model for investing in real estate. Discover why Land Investing is "The Ultimate Subscription Model" (no physical inventory, a one-time sale, recurring revenue, a built-in incentive for the buyer to continue paying, and low competition). Learn about strategies, skills and helpful tips that will help you grow your Passive Income through Land Investing. Learn more at

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This Week on The Art of Passive Income...
Mark and Scott talk with Colin Morgan of the
Colin developed The Daily Grind Podcast to help people who are just like him. The podcast has featured some of the most fascinating people, like John Lee Dumas, Kyle Wilson Rod Khleif, Aaron Walker, David Mead (Simon Sinek’s business partner), Noah Kagan and Walter O'Brien… just to name a few.
The podcast came about when Colin found himself in the daily grind a few years ago. He felt unfulfilled and he wasn’t making the money he wanted so he left his job at the time to go out on his own. He stumbled around and found someone who could show him the way, he thought that was kind of important.
Colin rewinds the tape to tell us about his daily grind and how multiple jobs left him feeling unfulfilled. Knowing there was something more, he asked himself “Am I going to do something for the rest of my life that I’m unhappy with just to make some money or do I want to make a real impact on the people that I want to make an impact on?
We also delve into:
  • What “successful” means to Colin
  • Colin’s biggest challenges as an entrepreneur starting The Daily Grind Podcast
  • Getting to your deep-rooted issues
It’s having that vision in place of what you want out of life and the way I look at life is it’s a success ladder with an infinite number of steps. Every day I try taking one step up on that success ladder. Yeah, there’s going to be days which I can go backward and there’s going to be days which I skip a few steps, but I have that vision in place and that allows me to get up, keep pushing forward, and keep improving.
Colin now has a purpose and he looks forward every day with renewed enthusiasm.
Listen in as Colin tells us about the darkest time in his life and what he learned from it.
In This Week's Round Table...
We tackle how to find TIME for this business.
Joining Mark are today’s cast of Geeks:
  • Aaron Williams
  • Mimi Schmidt
  • Erik Peterson
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Scott Todd
When first starting out, many come into this business with full-time jobs and other time commitments. So, how do you find the time to learn and build your land business when you already have a full-time schedule?
Our panel of geeks come from all different backgrounds and situations, from the busiest of schedules to semi-flexible hours working at home, but all have found ways to tackle this business with the mindset of whatever-it-takes.
Join the gang as they dig deep into:
  • How they found time to work on the business
  • How it transitioned into a more efficient operation
  • Their process of creating habit through daily routines
Plus, find out what time looks like for them now with the systems in place and their businesses running efficiently—how much time they spend on their business and how they manage that balance between business and life.
To sum it up, our panels success comes down to burning desire. But, what happens when you don’t have that desire, how do you manufacture it?
This episode is packed full of tips and advice, it will behoove you to find the time to listen in….
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3 Science-Backed Ways to Boost Your Motivation (Even When You Don't Feel Like Working)
The Benefits of Unplugging. And Choosing to be Present.
Accounting For Land Investors
Have you heard about Scott Todd’s accounting course?
In the course, Scott teaches you:
  • The exact accounting process we use for every aspect of the business.
  • How we setup loan via the installment sale method (valuable for tax purposes).
  •  How to accrual property taxes (and what we do with the money until the tax man sends the tax bills).
  • How to manage capital to ensure we have money to pay ourselves first AND still do deals.
  • The exact journal entries we make every month to get a clean Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.
And, more!
Tick Tock Tick Tock...
Scottsdale Bootcamp will be here before you know it and the spots are already filling up so don’t delay, RESERVE YOUR SPOT today!
To hear more about what to expect at Bootcamp, listen in to Round Table San Antonio 2019 Takeaways.
Still Uncertain If Land Investing Is For You?
Are you considering working with me to create a passive income through land investing? 
Maybe you’ve got a specific concern or question?
Perhaps you’re wondering if land investing is the right passive income vehicle for you? 
I hear you. 
I’d be thrilled to help you understand if land is right for you… (or not).
Let’s talk.
Click below to head over to the page then choose a day and time that is best for you, and we’ll get you set up to talk to our team! 
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