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Mark Podolsky - Issue #185


Mark Podolsky

September 20 · Issue #185 · View online
Mark Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek), successful land investor, land investing coach and creator of the popular Land Geek Podcast and Best Passive Income Model Podcast argues he has the best model for investing in real estate. Discover why Land Investing is "The Ultimate Subscription Model" (no physical inventory, a one-time sale, recurring revenue, a built-in incentive for the buyer to continue paying, and low competition). Learn about strategies, skills and helpful tips that will help you grow your Passive Income through Land Investing. Learn more at

This Week on The Art of Passive Income...
Mark and Scott talk with Land Geek alumnus, Mike Ferreira. Mike, who bought the Investor’s Toolkit in 2014 has been flying under the radar and silently crushing it in land investing ever since!
Mike was in the gold and silver business when he found The Land Geek program. He bought the Investor’s Toolkit and went through the lessons but didn’t fully commit himself to the business for another year. Once he decided to go all in, he left the precious metal business behind because he found that land was “easier, more fun, and more profitable”.
Mike talks about his journey and the challenges he faced in setting up his land business on his own and he tells us that if he could do it all over again he would have invested in coaching.
If I had done coaching or if there was Flight School at the time, the learning curve to really rocking this business would have been so shortened. I probably would have made a quarter of a million dollars more than I have in that amount of time. So the investment would absolutely have been worth it to me. 
Mike also shares:
  • What he thinks about the competition
  • What he learned from the gold and silver business that applies to land
  • Deals—and why he prefers owner financing
Plus, he gives newbie advice for those who are just discovering the business and so much more!
Mike grew his passive income in land to exceed his fixed expenses… He works when he wants, where he wants and with whom he wants. So what does he do with all of his spare time?
In This Week's Round Table...
Mark and his usual panel of Geeks…
  • Mimi Schmidt
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Mike Zaino
  • Jeannie Morem
  • Erik Peterson
  • Scott Todd
…were streaming live from the Facebook Group and taking questions from the community.
How long do you market a property on Craigslist and Facebook before you take it to eBay?
Should you consider eBay as the last resort? And, should you chalk a hard-to-sell property as bad property or just chill and adjust your marketing?
The gang all share their thoughts and rules about selling on eBay.
Also, find out Jeannie’s naughty little eBay secret! 
How do you create urgency in your ads?
Some ways mentioned were:
  • Headlines
  • Volume
  • Copy
  • Photos
  • Communication
Listen in now to get all the details!
The market speaks to marketing. You can have the greatest product out there, but unless you get the market right no one is going to know about it. -Scott
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Why Should You Consider Coaching?
Sure, you can build your land investing business into a thriving business on your own with hard work, persistence, and time. But wouldn’t you rather have someone who has already walked that path and can now run it effortlessly… with their eyes closed, guide you?
Our coaches walk by your side helping you to avoid the roadblocks and pitfalls, showing you the areas where you should run and those where you should shortcut—helping you to get to the end of the path faster but also preparing you to walk that path again and again on your own with confidence and speed.
Listen in to what our friend, Jonathan Liu, had to say about coaching.
Click here for more information on our Training & Mentorship program.
Check Out My Interview!
Listen in as I chat with Dan and Matt about the Strategies To Creating A Bulletproof Business on the SPRH Podcast.
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