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Mark Podolsky - Issue #149


Mark Podolsky

January 11 · Issue #149 · View online
Mark Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek), successful land investor, land investing coach and creator of the popular Land Geek Podcast and Best Passive Income Model Podcast argues he has the best model for investing in real estate. Discover why Land Investing is "The Ultimate Subscription Model" (no physical inventory, a one-time sale, recurring revenue, a built-in incentive for the buyer to continue paying, and low competition). Learn about strategies, skills and helpful tips that will help you grow your Passive Income through Land Investing. Learn more at

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This Week on The Art of Passive Income...
In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income,  Mark and Scott talk to Matt Crane— (*Updated website from the one mentioned in podcast).
Matt is a former NCAA athlete turned entrepreneur, who walked away from the corporate world in 2014 because his job took him away from one of the most important events in his life. So he left the corporate world to launch Matt Crane Enterprises and now helps organizations, business people, and entrepreneurs grow their sales and marketing through his 10+ years of experience in the industry.
I realized that if I can learn to sell and be efficient at it that I can control my own destiny no matter what I was doing.  
In the scheme of the Food Network’s show Chopped, listen in as Matt creates the greatest salesperson on earth. Three ingredients he uses are:
  • Integrity
  • Likability
  • Faith
Matt expands on each ingredient and why each is key to building good customer relations.
Plus, he shares what attributes he took away from one of his biggest influencers—his father, a successful sales rep for Nabisco.
Never dwell on mistakes—Own it, learn from it, and move on!
Listen in now for details and Matt’s answer to, You’re having a dinner party and you can invite three people that can teach you the most about sales and getting to the next level—Who are you inviting?
Are You Ready To Outsource?
We’ve heard you…it’s hard to find a good VA, it’s hard to train a new VA, it’s hard to keep track when you have several virtual assistants all over the world. So we’ve done the hard work for you! 
Our VAs have been trained to understand the land business so they can help you scale YOUR business.
What are others saying about The Land Geek VA program?
The Lang Geek Virtual Assistant program really transformed my business! Not only are they fast, but they are professional and very thorough. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be able to do my business without them. -Victor Reynolds
In This Week's Round Table...
In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income—Round Table edition, Mark is joined by:
  • Erik Peterson
  • Aaron Williams
  • Mike Zaino
  • Scott Todd
This week’s discussion is going to help you move the needle in 2018! Listen in as we dive into:
  • Bootcamp Takeaways—Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional, Bootcamp has something to offer at every level. The guys all share their thoughts and big takeaways.
  • Barriers To Execution—Things that stop you from achieving your goals.
Join us now as we whack through the weeds to those barriers that stop you from achieving your goals!
Plus, stick around after that long awkward pause—post, Let Freedom Reign, for the bonus material… *Star Wars spoiler alert!
We Want To Hear From YOU!
We want to hear your story! 
  • What is your why? 
  • How are you getting there? 
  • How has land helped you?
We have THE BEST community and we love your stories. We want to regularly feature student stories on the blog…but we need to dig deeper than just testimonial videos.
If you’d like to be featured, please send us a short paragraph about you…why you chose land and how you’re doing and you’ll definitely hear back from us.
Geeky Tips!
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I Made The Highlight Reel On The PYP Podcast!
Looking for a leadership lift? This “Best of” episode, on the Play Your Position podcast with Mary Lou Kayser will do the trick! 
Listen in to The Best of PYP Highlight Reel 2017…you might even recognize one of those MVPs! 
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