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Mark Podolsky - Issue #143


Mark Podolsky

November 30 · Issue #143 · View online
Mark Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek), successful land investor, land investing coach and creator of the popular Land Geek Podcast and Best Passive Income Model Podcast argues he has the best model for investing in real estate. Discover why Land Investing is "The Ultimate Subscription Model" (no physical inventory, a one-time sale, recurring revenue, a built-in incentive for the buyer to continue paying, and low competition). Learn about strategies, skills and helpful tips that will help you grow your Passive Income through Land Investing. Learn more at

This Week on The Art of Passive Income...
In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, we talk to Brandon Lucero—CEO and owner of, a video marketing company that helps small businesses increase their local advertising.
Today, Brandon shares some of his expertise with us and the learning curve he went through in the first two years after creating Sold With Video and the challenges he faced.
We also delve into:
  • Common mistakes newbies make in video marketing
  • Video quality vs content value
  • Keyword research
  • Marketing raw land
Video marketing is not about selling, it’s more about relationship building.
Brandon also talks about his You Pyramid process that helps sort the most important processes from the traps.
LISTEN IN for all the details and for Brandon’s answer to: Tell us something we don’t know about video marketing.
In This Week's Round Table...
In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income—Round Table edition, Mark is joined by:
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Mike Zaino
  • Erik Peterson
Craigslist Posting—A couple questions that come up often are: How many ads should I post a week and how many leads come from those ads?
The guys analyze the numbers and give good advice to keep those wheels spinning, effectively.
Plus, Erik poses a good question: How does Mike get 100% of his ads to stick?
We also go over:
Stopping The Marketing—Is there ever a good reason to stop marketing a property?
Freebie Property—How do you get free property?
It’s surprising how often people will give their property away. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. It’s always wise to do your due diligence.
LISTEN IN for details!
Stop Servicing Your Loans—Automate Them!
With GeekPay, you can:
  • Automatically charge customers on their due date
  • Automate the accounting around interest, principal, and service fees
  • Provide customers a dashboard where they could login, view their balances, and make payments with ease
  • Give downloadable reports at the end of the year that you could just send over to your accountant
  • Manage collections messages without having to rely on an army of virtual assistants
Plus, get your Saturdays and Sundays back!
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Take Total Control Of Your Finances!
Tax season in sneaking up on us again, have you set up your eQRP yet?
You can also learn more from The Art of Passive Income podcast:
Take action today! Get setup to save on taxes and put as much money away as possible!
Check Out My Interview!
Listen in as I talk to Nancy Gaines about taking the risk out of land investing!
Join Me For Coffee
#BYO land investing questions and we’ll try to get those answered for you—@TheLandGeek
We Want To Hear YOUR Tip Of The Week!
Do you have a favorite website, resource, or book, that has improved your business or your life?
Submit it to, [email protected] and if it makes the Round Table podcast, you will receive a free 30 minute coaching call! 
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