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January 14 · Issue #357 · View online

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T- Thoughts
“No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” -Warren Buffett
Oliver Burkeman has written a fantastic book on easing our anxiety about being productive in his book Four Thousand Weeks Time Management For Mortals.
Literally, every time I speak with a coaching client they all say the same thing to me… They feel like they should be farther ahead than they are. I felt the same way in my land business, starting GeekPay, even looking at podcast downloads it just seems like after all this work I should be doing better than I am.
So when I started to read Oliver Burkeman’s book on productivity it just gave me such a sense of relief and a feeling of not being alone in my quest to be more, do more, and make sure I’m not squandering the little time I have on this earth.
Burkeman writes, “This strange moment in history, when time feels so unmoored, might in fact provide the ideal opportunity to reconsider our relationship with it.  Older thinkers have faced these challenges before us, and when their wisdom is applied to the present day, certain truths grow more clearly apparent. Productivity is a trap. Becoming more efficient just makes you more rushed, and trying to clear the decks simply makes them fill up again faster. Nobody in the history of humanity has ever achieved “work-life balance,” whatever that might be, and you certainly won’t get there by copying the “six things successful people do before 7:00 a.m.” The day will never arrive when you finally have everything under control — when the flood of emails has been contained; when your to-do lists have stopped getting longer; when you’re meeting all your obligations at work and in your home life; when nobody’s angry with you for missing a deadline or dropping the ball; and when the fully optimized person you’ve become can turn, at long last, to the things life is really supposed to be about.
After reading this book I just felt way less anxious about my to-do list, my calendar slots, how I organized my day, and what I got accomplished before going to bed. Essentially the feeling of not doing or even being enough.
No longer do I feel guilty for not getting to inbox zero or the FOMO of missing the latest cool whatever is going on in my neck of the woods.
Burkeman calms me down by writing, "Denying reality never works, though. It may provide some immediate relief, because it allows you to go on thinking that at some point in the future you might, at last, feel totally in control. But it can’t ever bring the sense that you’re doing enough — that you are enough — because it defines “enough” as a kind of limitless control that no human can attain. Instead, the endless struggle leads to more anxiety and a less fulfilling life.
After reading this book I have a better perspective on how my endless wanting to feel in control is literally taking me away from the present moment. I love the cliche, we make plans and God laughs…
I have been raving about this book to everyone and as of today, it will be my most gifted book of 2022. Unfortunately, you have to wait for the paperback to come in August of 2022, but in the meantime, the audible version combined with the kindle is a great way to immerse yourself in this book that will just ground you back into the reality of life we are all so lucky to be living in.
"To live is so startlingly it leaves little time for anything else” -Emily Dickinson
L- Land
This Week on The Art of Passive Income...
On this week’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark welcomes Activist, Founder, and Owner of Meth Toxin Awareness Alliance, Kathi McCarty to the show.
Episode Notes
Kathi McCarty is an activist, mom, founder, and owner of Meth Toxin Awareness Alliance. Her organization facilitates property owners, renters, and buyers with specialized resources to protect their families, investments, and community from meth contamination.
Kathi’s company was founded after a series of events that took place when she had experienced a serious health event. She resigned from her career as an executive in lending and banking to focus on her recovery. To offset the medical costs she had accumulated, She decided to rent her family home which seemed like a sensible solution. Her beautiful home was rented to a meth addict by an irresponsible and unethical property management company and the tenant turned her house into a meth lab, contaminating her home and putting her neighbors and her entire community at risk. 
Kathi is on a mission to educate people and raise awareness regarding the insidious presence of meth toxicity in our communities, organizing community meetings, speaking to varied audiences, and partnering with experts and organizations. Kathi provides information and guidance to support anyone who must navigate the complicated path of meth toxins contamination to recovery.
Listen in as they discuss:
  • Kathy’s story and experience with meth toxins contamination
  • What happens when a home is converted into a meth lab
  • Tell-tale signs of meth production in a home or on a property
  • Creating meth toxin awareness to protect your home and property
Kathy also shares with us how to protect yourself and your home from a wide range of contamination and more!
Brian also shares with us the worst advice he has seen or heard given in his area of expertise.
Start Automating
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NEW LGPASS update! 65 cents for first class mail! Try it out now for FREE!
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In This Week's Round Table...
In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income — Best of Round Table edition, we are taking a look back at some of our top Round Table episodes from 2021.
Episode Notes
In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income — Best of Round Table edition, we are taking a look back at some of our top Round Table episodes from 2021.
Up first, with a full house, the Land Geeks discussed the topic “How to start a successful land business with 10K in 2021”. They also shared with us how they would build their business differently today if they were to start all over. Would they invest in training, wholesale, or land arb? Would they focus on the good ole fashioned mailing and marketing? Tune in to find out!
The next episode we are revisiting is an exciting one. This episode covers the Do’s and Don’ts of Wholesaling with our resident wholesaling expert, Mike Zaino, and the rest of the Land Geek team. Listen in as they go around the table and discuss the dos and don’ts of wholesaling in the land community and in the marketplace.
Last up for our best of roundtable 2021 selection is a special discussion with Land Geek Alum Roberto Chavez. Join in as the land Geeks celebrate with him the exciting news of his retirement from his law profession to become a full-time land investor. 
G -Gratitude
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