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August 6 · Issue #335 · View online

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T- Thoughts
It’s very important that we re-learn the art of resting and relaxing. Not only does it help prevent the onset of many illnesses that develop through chronic tension and worrying; it allows us to clear our minds, focus, and find creative solutions to problems. Thich Nhat Hanh
I’m back! It’s been a great month and I’m so grateful to have been able to build a business that can allow me the freedom to work when I want, where I want, and with whom I want!
I bet you’re wondering what it is like just to do nothing… At first, it’s really tough to just for lack of a better word “be.” I kept my daily morning routine of waking up early, exercising, meditating, and reading. Then, something interesting happened. I noticed I was fidgety. I wanted to snack more. I was looking at ways to distract myself with either more reading, calling friends in the middle of the day whom I knew were busy, or just feeling like I was wasting my precious time.
It took a few days to just settle in and watch my mind play out the drama of judgment regarding what I “should” be doing.
Then, I just surrendered and let it go. I allowed myself permission to fully relax. Whatever was happening was ok. Then, something amazing happened. I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude.
I wasn’t worried about anything and I just let my days unfold the way they were meant to unfold… I hiked, swam, did yoga, more meditation. Unplugged from electronics and screens and of course traveled to California to get out of the summer heat.
When I looked at the numbers at the end of the month we had done great with zero input from mua… Amazing.
You may not have the systems, software, and people in place to take a full month off yet. However, if I can do it, you certainly can do it! You probably don’t even need that long, but if you are working, working, and working you’re going to burn out.
I know a lot of you are type A hustlers that feel the pull to constantly work. I was like that in my youth. My advice, play the long game. Work in short sprints and then rest. Sprint then rest. All the while, enjoying the game of it all and not being so attached to achieving a specific passive income goal in a specific amount of time. If you’re following the recipe, you’ll get there. Some people get total financial freedom in 18 months. Some, it takes 5 years. Everyone that stays consistent in this business eventually gets there.
So rest, recharge and enjoy the journey. What good is being wealthy if you’re miserable the entire time you’re trying to get there?
“I still need more healthy rest in order to work at my best. My health is the main capital I have and I want to administer it intelligently.” ~ Ernest Hemingway
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L- Land
This Week on The Art of Passive Income...
On this week’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott welcome Wealth Advisor and the President of Mindful Money, Jonathan DeYoe to the show.
Episode Notes
Jonathan DeYoe is a Licensed Insurance Agent, Certified Private Wealth Advisor, and the President of Mindful Money. He is the author of the Amazon Bestseller Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend.
Before establishing his own company, Jonathan worked for a number of Wall Street giants, including Morgan Stanley, UBS PaineWebber, and Salomon Smith Barney. He later founded DeYoe Wealth Management in 2001 out of the need to offer independent financial advice and unparalleled customer service in a warm, welcoming, client-centered environment. For over 20 years, he has been successfully helping people to gain a sense of order in their financial life.
Jonathan writes about Financial Literacy and Behavioral Wealth Management for news outlets like and Today, Jonathan and his team manage close to $250,000,000 for nearly 235 families and non-profits in the Bay Area and beyond.
Listen in as they discuss:
  • Behavioral wealth management
  • Overcoming biases in behavioral wealth management
  • Mindfulness as a tool to overcome biases
  • Fundamental principles to learn from Jonathan’s book
And, more!
Start Automating
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NEW LGPASS update! 65 cents for first class mail! Try it out now for FREE!
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In This Week's Round Table...
In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income — Best of Round Table compilation theme, we are focusing on the mindset.
Episode Notes
For this week’s episode we are focusing on mentally minding the inevitable dips and the right mindset to have when venturing into something new.
Joining Mark are:
  • Mike Zaino
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Teria Harris
  • Erik Peterson
  • Scott Todd
  • Scott Bossman
Listen in as they go around the table and discuss:
  • What they have done when they are faced with inevitable dips.
  • Effective ways to manage and overcome inevitable dips in your life and business.
  • The mindset to have when taking on new ventures in your life and business.
  • The importance of having the right mindset in your business.
And, more!
G -Gratitude
Thanks to Clint Turner for sharing his Flight School experience with us.
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