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April 30 · Issue #321 · View online

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T- Thoughts
  1. “Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man’s life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self.” -B. R. Ambedkar
I just finished watching one of the most interesting and poignant performances on Hulu titled In & Of Itself. Check out the trailer here
Its part magic show, part performance art, part monologue. But to me, it’s a commentary on identity.
I like to think of myself as a father, friend, entrepreneur, son, colleague and leader. But the truth is I’m less than those labels and more than those labels. The truth is there is no “me”. It’s an illusion that my mind makes for me. Not to get to woo woo on you I can prove it.
Close your eyes. Now, in a split second, open your eyes and look for the one who is looking. Is there anything to find? Are you behind your eyes? Are you in the middle of your head? Or, are you no different than any object in the universe? It feels like we’re separate, but when you look is there anything to see? Simply stated, we’re the observer or the experiencer of everything.
For those that have been using the Waking Up app from Sam Harris he uses this “pointing technique” as one of many techniques to help you see the illusion of self.
Of course, we have a physical self out in the world, but our minds are simply constantly commenting, judging, analyzing each moment. We can’t shut it off, but we can lose our attachment to the thoughts. Essentially, freedom can be glimpsed when we realize we are not our thoughts.
I’m finding more and more freedom each day as I get older losing my sense of and attachment to my false identity. There was a time when I was younger, I was a basketball player. Now I’m not. There was a time when I was an investment banker. Now I’m not. You get the point.
I used to be so scared of public speaking and the thought of running a Bootcamp for 2.5 days was absolutely terrifying. Will the audience judge me? What if they think I’m not smart, or just boring? What if they ask me a legal question I can’t answer. Will they think I’m a fraud? These thoughts kept me up literally all night before my first Bootcamp in Las Vegas several years ago.
Now, I remind myself (the one I observe), there is no self… I’m no different than my audience and the only way to “fail” is just not to show up.
If you’re wrapped up in a false identity and it’s holding you back I encourage you to start watching those thoughts like a sociologist observing a group. Just sit with yourself without any judgment and see how long you can watch your thoughts before getting caught up in them. Then when you notice you were lost in your thought, go back to observing. This takes time, but eventually, the mind will wear itself out and you’ll start seeing glimpses of the illusion.
This is the beginning of total freedom from the mind.
Once you solve your money problems and your time problems with land investing you’ll soon see you’re left with your mind. No, where you go there you are. So, you might as well start working towards total freedom not just externally, but internally.
“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”-Dr. Seuss
If you have thoughts or more insights you’d like to share with me don’t be shy! Email me at [email protected].com.
L- Land
This Week on The Art of Passive Income...
On this week’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott welcome, creator of Hipster Investments, lifestyle entrepreneur, business consultant, and real estate investor, Ali Boone to the show.
Episode Notes
Ali Boone is the creator of Hipster Investments, lifestyle entrepreneur, business consultant, and real estate investor. Like many of us, she thought getting good grades in school and landing a dream job was the way to go about living a good life. That is until she went through all these steps, then realized there is more to life. She left her corporate 9-to-5 job as an Aerospace Engineer—despite the “dream job” status that came with it—to follow her passion for being her own boss and truly designing her lifestyle.
Ali is the author of over 190 articles for BiggerPockets. She has been featured in FOX Business, The Motley Fool, and Personal Real Estate Investor magazine. She has sold over 200 copies of her Turnkey Rental Properties 101 eBook and was awarded Top 100 Real Estate Investing Blogs & Websites. Her articles focus on teaching the fundamentals of successful rental property, investor psychology, and strategies to aid new investors in starting a real estate portfolio. As a keepsake, she still owns her first turnkey rental properties and is also a co-owner and landlord of local property in Venice Beach.
Listen in as they discuss:
  • Ali’s journey into real estate investing, becoming an entrepreneur, and business consultant.
  • How to overcome the societal stereotype of what success looks like.    
  • Understanding how to make real estate investing work for you.
  • The fundamentals of successful rental property.
  • Understanding your goals and crafting opportunities to reach them in a timely manner.
  • Creating a distinction between your passion and a job. 
  • Developing the courage to walk away from a sustainable 9-to-5 to do what you are passionate about.  
  • Explore the advantages of passive income and the ones that suit your lifestyle.
  • Overcoming the fear of doing something unconventional, yet intentional for a happier life.
Start Automating
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NEW LGPASS update! 65 cents for first class mail! Try it out now for FREE!
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In This Week's Round Table...
On this week’s round table episode, the Land Geeks discuss the topic “How many ads should you put up to market a property or does it vary based on the results?”
Episode Notes
Joining Mark this week are:
  • Erik Peterson
  • Teria Harris
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Scott Todd
Listen in as they go around the table and discuss the number of ads to put up when marketing a property based on the marketing platform being used. They also discuss their top three marketing platforms of all time. 
Teria: My tip of the week was going to be dud. My problem was getting spammy emails or just being on the list that I never subscribed to, so I was trying to find a good unsubscribe software that could go through and help me without having to unsubscribe individually with each one, and I found one. It worked well, for maybe 3 or 4 I was trying to unsubscribe, and after that, the fees started adding up for each time I want to unsubscribe. That was my dilemma, that was going to be my tip because the first was like, this is great, I don’t have to worry about all of these emails and click, click, click; I can just unsubscribe with one button. But I don’t want to pay a ton of money for it.
Erik: It’s been a while since I’ve gone through that process, but last time I did, I believe I used a service called That allowed me to go through and unsubscribe from a bunch of stuff, I don’t remember having to pay for it, I don’t know if that has changed. But maybe it can help!
Mark: Mine is, They have a thing called a screener, if you have a subscription that you don’t want you can screen them out and you’ll never see them again. In fact, you can subscribe to a million things and you can see what it is, and then you can just scream them out. Super easy, super simple. It’s $99 a year. I think it’s well worth it.
Want To Listen More?
Did you enjoy this episode? If so, check out another one of our exciting roundtable episodes where we discuss the elements you need to create a good marketing ad.
G -Gratitude
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