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Mark Podolsky AKA The Land Geek - Issue #320


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April 23 · Issue #320 · View online

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T- Thoughts
“Since these conveniences by becoming habitual had almost entirely ceased to be enjoyable, and at the same time degenerated into true needs, it became much more cruel to be deprived of them than to possess them was sweet, and men were unhappy to lose them without being happy to possess them.” 
―Jean-Jacques Rousseau,  Discourse on Inequality
I just got back into town after spending an amazing 10 days in La Jolla, California staying in an incredible beachfront home with ocean views.
Each day, I would wake up, watch the waves roll in, take in the sounds and sights of the seagulls, and couldn’t imagine myself any happier.
That was day 1…
By the 10th day, I noticed I wasn’t looking out at the window as much. My appreciation had dimmed a bit for the beauty and sounds of the ocean. I was quickly adapting to what I would consider “paradise”.
In fact, I even met a local that told me they wanted to sell their oceanfront condo and live in another part of the world. I was dumbfounded. How could anything be better?
Truly, the hedonic treadmill is real. The hedonic treadmill is a theory positing that people repeatedly return to their baseline level of happiness, regardless of what happens to them.
When I felt my happiness begin to dim. I became mindful of it and started thinking how lucky I was to be able to enjoy this trip.
I had the resources to enjoy good food and the local activities.
I had the physical health to bike, hike, and walk the beautiful beaches.
I had friends to show me their favorite hidden treasures and engage in deep conversations.
Once I got into that state of gratitude I noticed my happiness levels increased and my appreciation for the beauty of the area felt child-like.
As your passive income grows from land investing, and you begin to achieve full autonomy over your time and life, be especially mindful of your mind and how it craves more, judges, and simply adapts to its circumstances.
Freedom from the mind may be the ultimate freedom and one worth pursuing. This is why I recommend meditation, prayer, or a gratitude journal so you can truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Tal Ben-Shahar is an American and Israeli writer in the field of positive psychology and leadership. He suggests the following tips for amplifying our level of happiness (2006):
  1. Give yourself permission to be human: Accept your emotions, including fear, sadness, and anxiety. Rejecting them leads to frustration
  2. Simplify your life. Focus on one thing at a time and reduce multitasking.
  3. Find meaning and pleasure. Engage in goals you want to achieve instead of what you feel obligated to do. Spend two hours per week on hobbies. Spend time with our loved ones.
  4. Focus on the positive and be grateful. Each day, write down five things for which you’re grateful.
  5. Increase the effort you put into your relationships. Go on a date with your significant other or spend more time talking to your children.
  6. Be mindful of the mind-body connection through exercise and the practice of mindfulness meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques. Research has shown that exercising leads to decreased levels of depression.
If you have thoughts or more insights you’d like to share with me don’t be shy! Email me at [email protected]
L- Land
This Week on The Art of Passive Income...
On this week’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott welcome, the founder of Wealth Research Group, Lior Gantz to the show.
Episode Notes
 Lior Gantz is the founder of Wealth Research Group, a newsletter focusing on Investment Principles, Stocks, Gold & Passive Income. His background is a mixture of dividend investing, specialized high-yield companies for retirement, and the inner circle of venture capital. He is an advocate of meticulous risk management, balanced asset allocation, and proper position sizing. As a deep-value investor, Lior enjoys conducting research on businesses that are off the radar and unknown to most financial publications. His research is relentless and delivers a unique perspective to investors.
Lior has been called a thrill-seeking entrepreneur by his team, and as such, has built and run numerous successful businesses. He has traveled to over 30 countries in the past decade in pursuit of thrills and opportunities, gaining valuable knowledge and experience. With Wealth Research Group, Lior gives readers the opportunity to access the world of the few businesses that have beaten the markets consistently for decades, thus leveling the playing field of the investment industry. 
With immense passion and full-force devotion to the readers, Lior’s purpose is to publish content that will have a lasting value and allow readers to approach investing with meticulous precision and a clear game plan.
Listen in as they discuss:
  • Lior’s journey to where he is at now.
  • Executing and applying theoretical principles to the real world.
  • What is the purpose of Wealth Research Group?
And, more!
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In This Week's Round Table...
In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income — Best of Round Table edition, the Land Geeks revisit another one of our exciting episodes that highlights the reasons why you should attend the Land Geek Bootcamp.
Episode Notes
Joining Mark this week are:
  • Scott Bossman
  • Erik Peterson
  • Mike Zaino
  • Teria Harris
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Scott Todd
Listen in as they go around the table and share all the benefits to receive from attending the Land Geek Bootcamp. The Land Geeks and many other like-minded people in the business will be present sharing their stories, experiences, providing advice, and more. 
Teria: I have several coaching clients that I have been in communication with and they’re all asking about pictures of their properties and marketing like how do I market my properties if I don’t have pictures, and what pictures can I use, and how expensive they are. So there is a website called, and this website allows you to go in and search for specific pictures: land pictures. And you can utilize these pictures for free to market your properties.
Are you ready to learn more about land investing? Just click HERE to schedule a call.
G -Gratitude
Thanks for sharing your success Jeremiah Gish ( one of our flight school clients…)
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